Giant Round Balloons for Sydney

1-Metre Balloons (Latex)

Spherical, round, huge sized balloons, can be air or helium filled. Perfect for marquees and outdoor entrance areas, these giant balloons are available in a huge number of colours. Whatever the décor and no matter the occasion, we’ll have a product to match. 

These balloons look amazing and create an instant wow factor for any occasion. Large enough to be seen from very far away, they’re the perfect thing for wedding receptions and outdoor events. Your guests will know exactly where the party is with help from Balloon Inflation.

Browse our range below and consider our helium gas hire and custom balloon printing for your next event. We provide a full range of products suiting celebrations from small birthday parties to large weddings. Please phone us on (02) 9519 3322 for pricing and information on having these products delivered filled, or purchase unfilled in the shopping cart area.

Crystal Transparent Red 3 Foot Crystal Transparent Yellow 3 Foot Crystal Transparent Pink 3 Foot
Crystal Transparent Blue 3 Foot Crystal Transparent Purple 3 Foot Crystal Transparent Orange 3 Foot
Crystal Transparent Green 3 Foot Crystal Transparent Clear 3 Foot Crystal Transparent Black 3 Foot
Crystal Transparent Burgandy Maroon 3 Foot    
Standard Opaque Yellow 3 Foot Standard Opaque Red 3 Foot Standard Opaque Rose 3 Foot
Standard Opaque Baby Pink 3 Foot Standard Opaque Blue 3 Foot Standard Opaque Baby Blue 3 Foot
Standard Opaque Lavender 3 Foot Standard Opaque Orange 3 Foot Standard Opaque Green 3 Foot
Standard Opaque Lime Green 3 Foot Standard Opaque White 3 Foot Standard Opaque Teal 3 Foot
Standard Opaque Ivory Cream 3 Foot Standard Purple Violet 3 Foot Standard Wild Berry 3 Foot
Standard Opaque Wintergreen 3 Foot Standard Opaque Blush 3 Foot Standard Opaque Chocolate 3 Foot
Standard Opaque Robins Egg Blue 3 Foot    
Metallic Pearl Silver 90cm Metallic Pearl Gold 90cm Metallic Pearl White 90cm
Metallic Pearl Baby Pink 90cm Metallic Pearl Light Blue 90cm Metallic Pearl Lemon 90cm
Metallic Pearl Ivory 90cm    
Printed Standard Opaque Wild Berry with Polka Dots 3 Foot Printed Standard Opaque Robins Egg Blue with Polka Dots 3 Foot  


4.5 – 8 foot durable giant balloons (chloroprene)

Made from a blend of natural synthetic latex. This combination makes these giant round balloons more durable than regular balloons. Providing exceptional puncture resistance, these products are ideal for events in hot Australian summers. Their elasticity and longevity means they can stay inflated for as many as 15 days. These balloons are designed to withstand the elements. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor events as advertising, location marking and more, they’re a great choice for event coordinators across the city.

Available in 4.5 foot, 5.5 foot and 8 foot sizes and ten vibrant colours.

Chloroprene Cloudbuster Red Chloroprene Cloudbuster Blue
Chloroprene Cloudbuster Orange Chloroprene Cloudbuster Green
Chloroprene Cloudbuster White Chloroprene Cloudbuster Yellow
Chloroprene Cloudbuster Purple